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Privacy Policy

We promise to protect your privacy. We will use your information only in a lawful manner.

We have two reasons for collecting your information. The first is to complete your order. The second is to properly provide you with the best service. We will send e-mails to you, whose contents will be limited to the status of orders you have discussed, order confirmations, and details of service updates.

The types of information we will collect from you include:
*Your last name
*Your address
*Telephone number
*E-mail address

Without your express consent, we will not collect your sensitive information.

We will appropriately protect personal information we obtain based on internal security rules and related laws.

As with most other websites, some technical information will be recorded about your visit (for example your IP address), but will not be connected with any of the personal information we store and will be used solely for monitoring of website transmissions. We will not utilize ¡°network loopholes¡± or other processes to spy upon additional visitor information.

We utilize ¡°cookies¡± in order to ensure the security of visitors using the website. These cookies include your identification code and your language selection. Some web users are unwilling to accept cookies. Please note that it is necessary to activate cookies in order to use our website.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding privacy clauses, please contact us through e-mail.

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