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Our core product: translation service
Written Translation

Written translation characteristics: Pure, Authentic, Precise.

Each team member has worked in the translation industry for many years, is proficient in two or more professional domains, and is versed in a variety of translation techniques. All team members are familiar with international translation standards, and can timely and efficiently complete projects. Our internal proofreading staff offer strict control and are precise and detail-oriented, ensuring the flawless nature of translation quality and desktop publishing.

Our specific focuses include professional fields such as vehicles, machinery, luxury products (including watches, clothing, and bags), petroleum, electronics, business, law, medical equipment, communications, computers, and energy. We only accept fields and projects in which we can ensure high quality: outstanding translation quality can be assured only through selection of the correct translator as well appropriate quality controls.

We can meet your requirements whether you are a micro enterprise or a large multinational company C regardless of the large or small size of your requirements, we can provide competitive pricing and high quality, efficient translations.

Oral Interpretation

We currently focus on providing German/English/Chinese simultaneous translation and interpretation services targeting various on-site tasks that build an onsite communication bridge for you (site reviews, work training, equipment procurements, design liaisons, and technical dialogues)

Consecutive Interpretation Service
Interpretation service provided for meetings, training, business negotiations, company events, and legal proceedings.

Client Accompaniment
Convenient all-round personalized accompanied translation service, including for meetings, lectures, press conferences, banquets, business trips and other work segments and sites to meet all work requirements at all times.

Business negotiations
Expert interpretation staff will utilize their fluent foreign language, professional background, and amiable negotiation techniques to attend large-scale international meetings as well as other high level business negotiations for clients, facilitating cooperation and project success.

Website Localization

Multiple language enterprise websites can address product and service language barriers when conducting global promotion. This service can help enterprises expand sales channels, build potential client groups, improve enterprise image awareness of users, and strengthen enterprise competitiveness.

Different from simply translating the contents of a website, website localization demands the close consolidation of all website contents and target group language culture. The internet is a global network, and if your enterprise or organization has established business processes, business models, or display windows based on the internet, then this will require your internet content to meet target group language cultural requirements in terms of its display. From the point of view of overall enterprise competitiveness, website localization information handling ability will decide the fate of an enterprise. If an enterprise is to develop, it must make use of new methods of competition, and website localization brings a kind of global business model that is efficient and highly beneficial.

We provide professional website localization services, including website content translation, website backend programming localization, website audio and video file localization and translation, website image localization handling and localized webpage production. Our website localization project group not only has outstanding translation abilities, but is also fluent in HTML, script languages, image localization, and functionality testing. We provide you with complete customized web-based multilingual solutions that build an information bridge of communication between you and your client.


In terms of audio-video we can provide you with the following services:

Audio and video translation, recording, editing, subtitling, and dubbing for movies, TV scripts, audio tapes, VCD, DVD, and multimedia. Full digitalization or analog to suit various channel broadcasts. Foreign language audio production translation scripting or dubbing. Translated dubbing for business science and technology industry video master tapes, VCD, movies, TV dialogue, interviews, dispatching of dubbing staff, data storage transfer, and copying.

General audio recording:
Clear audio quality, good enunciation, completed in a sound-recording studio, can be for general training and internal enterprise usage.

Professional recording:
Professional recording staff, clear audio quality, elegant and beautiful female voice, full and deep male voice, good enunciation, balanced speed, completed in a sound-recording studio, professional recording equipment, can be used for film publication and external distribution.

Professional dubbing, editing, subtitling
Professional recording staff, clear audio quality, elegant and beautiful female voice, full and deep male voice, good enunciation, balanced speed, time control standards, completed in a sound-recording studio, zero noise, professional equipment, includes sound optimization or special effects, professional sound editing production, background music compilation, subtitle selection, can be used for film publication and external distribution.


Desktop publishing (DTP) is an important component of localization. Normally, DTP refers to using a computer system to conduct text editing, layout design, and graphic and image processing that result in layout work that meets publishing standards. Specifically, achieving localization in desktop publishing refers to utilizing a target language to restructure the layout into a different language version from a source document in another language (for example operating manuals, product samples, and promotional pages). Modern publications are not limited to paper media printed publication, but are expanded to broader cross-media publications, including CD-ROM, and the internet as transmission media for electronic publication.

We possess an experienced and professional DTP (desktop publishing) team, and utilize the latest DTP software to localize source files into target languages. Regardless of the source file format, our DTP team is always able to express a similar formatting in the target language document. Local language experts then conduct a final second review to ensure accuracy.

The desktop publishing software we often use include FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, MD Word, and PowerPoint. Various source files can be effectively handled, including documents generated using tools such as Framemaker, Pagemaker, Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, or MS Word. Once translated, new layouts are created based on the unique requirements of the Chinese market or according to client needs. DTP service can also be provided to clients for local and overseas markets.

CAT Software Training

If you would like to become a translation elite or a software localization expert, we will help you achieve your dreams. We can provide companies/translators with CAT translation assistance tool training courses, with training content primarily including text processing tools, computer assisted translation (CAT) software and localization software usage.

We are an outstanding language technology service provider dedicated to professional translation, localization, and training services. CAT translation assistance tools are requirements for a professional translator, and needed for outstanding translators. We are therefore happy to allow all individuals involved in translation work to grasp translation assistance tools used by various expert translators, thereby improving ones own abilities, translation quality, and efficiency.

Training contents including computer assisted translation technology basic principles and operation. Teaching content is ample, with good operations allowing students to be able to grasp various professional translation assistance tools in a very short period of time. In only a few days you will grasp what other people have taken three or four years to master and be able to operate document processing, text identification/conversion, term database, CAT software (Across, MemoQ, SDL rados, Star Transit, and Wordfasf) as well as QA Tools among other required tools for a translator.

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